Industrial Designer, Systems Engineer


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Hello. My name is Sean Headrick. Thanks for visiting my portfolio.

On this site, you’ll find examples of my work as a cabinet designer and maker, a 3D designer and CNC operator/manufacturer, and, most recently, as a designer and creator of unmanned aircraft systems. It’s quite a range of experience and skills, but certainly not random.
Each phase in my career has served to inform the next. As a cabinet designer and craftsman, the ideals found in Arts and Crafts movement greatly influenced my work style and aesthetic. In particular, I adopted a focus on proportions and details and an elegant balance between form and function.

The original "Stickley" furniture line was created to provide families with the highest quality furniture at reasonable cost, which was achieved through factory automation and other emerging technologies. Today, Stickley furniture has brought some of the highest recorded prices for furniture at auction. The idea of great design being ubiquitous and accessible really stuck with me, and provided inspiration for Codebilt.

With the mantra of "Thoughtful, Efficient, Design," my goal with Codebilt was to design and locally manufacture beautiful, functional, and cost-efficient office and home furniture. The flagship design was the "Mechanized Drafting Table," based on a scissor jack that provides a height adjustment mechanism and locking six-position adjustable work surface. Other projects under this label are "Sproket," a wooden bicycle, and the  vintage-style “Craftsman's Toolbox.” They all embody the principles of form and function and the proportions and architectural details of the arts and crafts period.

As my understanding of the technological and mechanical possibilities increased, Codebilt quickly transitioned into AeroTestra, my most recent endeavor. Although I’ve shifted to the high-tech, burgeoning field of unmanned aircraft design, I carry over many of the themes from my Arts and Crafts woodworking and Codebilt experience:  integrity of design and craftsmanship, efficiency and scale through technology, and the balance of form and function.

Areas of Expertise include:

  • 3D CAD modeling (Rhino, SketchUp, Solidworks)

  • CAM waterjet, laser, CNC 2.5 axis, Hot-wire CNC

  • 3D Printing

  • Carbon fiber part design and engineering, mold design, and layup.

  • Industrial and Mechanical design

  • Electrical system design, EMI reduction

  • Mechatronics

  • Aerodynamics and Propulsion

  • Polymer thermo-forming and mold design

  • Aerial photogrammetric topographic survey

  • Engineering documentation, visual communication